Best Insurance Options   SUBMIT

So I'm still pretty new to PF. But I've read the wiki and followed the flow chart pretty well. My wife and I contribute to the maximum match in our 401Ks +additional (total 13%), maxing out HSA and Roth IRAs (We will not be able to contribute to a Roth IRA for much longer as our income will exceed the contribution threshold in the next year or two) We make additional payments to our 30 year mortgage per a 15 year mortgage schedule. We've spoken to a couple wealth managers, and they both recommend "investing" through life insurance. Now before everyone says "STAHP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AT ONCE" Please hear me out. I've already gotten the Northwestern Mutual pitch about getting enough Life Insurance to protect yourself blah blah blah, and said "No thank you". However, the pitch I'm getting now is to find a policy that allows us to contribute the largest amount of money (before reaching MEC status), with the lowest possible premium. The idea is to use life insurance as a sort of Roth IRA with a fee. The policy will be invested minus the premium (fee) and will grow tax free. The only reason I'm interested is because we aren't interested in the Life Insurance or how much death benefit we get, but instead get an investment that grows tax free. Given all this information, I'm intrigued in the benefits of investing through Life Insurance. Should I be?